"Justine!!! Your work is AMAZING. I have looked at all the pics a million times and each time my heart beats faster when I look at them...and I know that's because of the way you captured everything...your style is so authentic and so candid that it actually effectively takes one back to that moment... I was just looking at the dance pictures and it literally feels like watching a movie because of your photography style...there is life in every photo...thank you Justine....<3

Once in a while I might harass you (i will do my best not to) with a thank you note...you are an incredibly talented photographer..thank you for sharing your art and your time and your everything with us!

All my best,
"Justine was amazing to work with; so sweet and kind, totally down to earth, professional, able to give direction when needed, yet able to adapt and go with the flow. I was confident from the beginning that she was going to be able to translate our vision for our special day and capture the "moments" and the "feeling" in her photos. Not only did she do just that, but she went beyond our expectations, and we could not be happier with how things turned out! She captured moments when we weren't aware she was doing so-- making our collection so natural and authentic. Each photo gives me goosebumps because It awakens the feelings of pure joy and happiness from that day. We will cherish these memories forever, and feel forever indebted to Justine and her magic."

— Jess & Nate / Featured here.

We're in love with these. Can't stop looking at them and reliving the day. You truly captured it completely and beautifully.

My dad shared a sweet story that had me laughing. He said he asked if you had taken any close-ups of our hands together with our rings — and you gently told him "that's not really my style." Love that so much. We're SO thankful for your style! Your perspective, talent, attention and presence were the best gift. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the day, it was a blessing to feel comfortable with you behind the camera. Thank you for it all!"

— Kik & Vic
"Justine will exceed all of your expectations of what you thought your wedding photos would look like. Our wedding photos not only depict the most special day of our lives, but you can feel the emotion from the day in our photos and to us, that is the most priceless part of hiring Justine. Not only are her photos captivating and gorgeous, she is someone you want next to you on your wedding day. Her calm demeanor and natural esthetic made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera and simply let us, be us. Leading up to our engagement shoot and wedding day, Justine was extremely responsive and helpful. Our photos will be the memories we share with our family and friends for a lifetime and we look forward to having Justine capture our milestones throughout the rest of our lives."

— Megan & Sebastian / Featured here.
"Hello hello Justine 😊😁

We stayed up waaay too late last night filled with excitement reliving the wedding through your eyes. And then we couldn't fall asleep lol, we were so over the moon with joy! OMG these are soooo fantastic!! You are a master of the lens. Jake and I are in awe of how you managed to capture so many little moments and the fact we had no idea you were even close to us. We were already fans of your work, but I can't tell you enough how thrilled we are with the way you captured the entire day. We have so many wonderful moments to cherish forever.

All the best,
Hillary & Jake"
“Moments ago, I walked through the day again looking through your images. I re-experienced the excitement, the giddiness, the amazement, the laughter, the tears, the love and the pure joy of the day. And THAT is exactly what is so phenomenal about your work. You are able to capture each moment in its entirety with all of its energy in a palpable way. I know that when I look back in years to come, I will be transported to June 17, 2017, as I did just now. Each image tells its own story, drawing me in to relive each moment, even the ones I missed. It was such a delight to have you at my wedding. You were a wonderful addition, pleasant and vibrant, yet quiet and unobtrusive. All of my friends and family were impressed and told me so. You were a pleasure to work with…

Love, Katy"
"Where do I even start?? You and your work are incredible. We are beyond ecstatic with the photos and couldn't have asked for anything else. Every single image captures raw emotion and tells its own story. I know that I'll be able to look back on these in 5, 10, 50 years and be able to relive those seconds and those feelings every time. Thanks for everything Justine :)

xo Kate"