Francois in Various Western Landscapes

Honoring this past year by displaying my favorite part of 2017 - a roadtrip out west with Francois.

We drove through mountains and alongside the ocean for two weeks in our old Toyota Matrix.

We slept in the desert in a tiny tent under the blackest sky we've ever seen and counted shooting stars until we fell asleep.

We had a sunrise in Zion all to ourselves.

We confirmed with a meteorologist that Francois was struck by lightning in the Grand Canyon. Really.

We found out that Utah is not just neutral tones - it's orange, purple, pink, blue, green.

We fell in love with San Francisco, Karl and the Marin Headlands. Have been scoping out real estate since our return.

We camped by the coast after a week in the desert and watched the fog roll in and out. Our pores thanked us.

It was elemental, quiet, slow. It was more than expected in the best way. The West changed our little Midwestern hearts, and we will be making sincere efforts to get back as often as possible.

The following images are all taken with the Fujifilm X70, a nifty little camera that fits in my pocket and follows me everywhere.

Enjoy the many images of a tiny Francois in dramatic landscapes and listen to this tune by our favorite band, Ratatat, while you scroll. Thank you for following along.